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Pavel Chebotarev
@HonzaMac Hi! What do you mean? There is package for that purposes
Hello Anybody there?
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'Illuminate\Database\Capsule\Manager' not found
On laravel framework
Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function Icicle\Coroutine\create()
Gayan Handapangoda
@trowski : Newbie here! First, thanks for the wonderful library. I need to create a client to subscribe to a websocket server (just by specifying the wss URI) and read through the messages using the Icicle\Loop. Just wondering if there's an already written one for that purpose?
hello everyone
i try since 2 day to understand correctly promise
pff ^^
my goal it's to "refactor" the javascript librairie in PHP
i have done allmost all the work but now i try execute againts the test suite provided by facebook for the JS but nothing seems to work accordingly :'(
so first question do you now a PHP librairie who works good with icicle if it's possible (2 day of hard work but love it ;)
Pavel Chebotarev

a PHP librairie who works good with icicle if it's possible

Hi! Please explain, what kind of library are you looking for?

@nexor like this one in PHP with icicle
Pavel Chebotarev
Not sure if it exists in PHP
@nexor soon it will, i almost finish
angel herrera sara
Hi all! I have a question. Why do I get this error "syntax error, unexpected '{', expecting identifier (T_STRING)" on this script "use Icicle\Http\Message{BasicResponse, Request, Response};"? Moreover I am using php v5.5.12, "icicleio/icicle": "^0.9.6",
"icicleio/http": "^0.3.0".
angel herrera sara
The example is from
Pavel Chebotarev
use Icicle\Http\Message{BasicResponse, Request, Response}; does not work on php 5.5, only on 7. You need to checkout icicle for php 5.5
Quick question: is there any way to use icicleio/http with HTTP2 ?
Pavel Chebotarev
@trowski Noticed comment Do you recommend to migrate to amphp from icicle, or icicleio will be supported in future?
hi, neither icicle nor phpreact have had much git activity in the last 12 month and thats fine by me. Has development just slowed down/stablized or am I just unable to find the other 3rd lib/alternative/hotstuff framework ?
Greg Beaven
Am I able to use icicle like and broadcast to a channel where other clients can read a message? Not sure which classes to look at the achieve this as all example are really low level. If you point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated

Hi, I posted my PHP source and questions here, please help me:

I want to make a job/task manager based on icicleio. I just need to handle how many job/task run in same time. Start a new task if the any task finished. Exec new php is ok and I want this, because of memory usage and independent tasks. Just need to detect when ended and start a new one. Please help about this, I can make it maybe in dirty, not so nice solution, with file locks, etc, but maybe had nicer solution. Thank you.

The second thing is the communication with job/task.
I had input arrays (eash arrays for each job), and I want to collect the output arrays. After all done, process all output arrays.
Posted example is broken, not working in PHP 7.1:

PHP Fatal error: Class 'Threaded' not found in vendor/icicleio/concurrent/src/Threading/Internal/Mutex.php on line 10


Aaron Piotrowski
@/all Icicle is now deprecated in favor of Amp v2.
I am a major contributor to Amp v2. The API has many similarities to Icicle, so migrating any existing Icicle code to Amp v2.0 should be straightforward.
Nathan Lincoln
certs are broken :)

Can anyone share an example of getting the full POST data into a variable - from a MemoryStream - I am using http + icicleio

I am using code such as
$stream = $request->getBody();
$generator = function ($stream) {
if (! $stream->isReadable()) {
$data = (yield $stream->read());

$coroutine = new Coroutine($generator($stream));
$fullBody = $coroutine->wait();
echo $fullBody;

This typically only returns around 500-2000 bytes of the post body ? Please help

My Dev
Hello everybuddy
Anybuddy can help me with a quesiton?
Mads Ovesen
Hi All,
Does anyone have a working example of how to create a TCP socket client and send and receive data through it? I'm struggling a bit with this library. Thanks
Aaron Piotrowski
@madshov_twitter You should use Amp instead,
Icicle has been deprecated in favor of Amp.
Azri Bilel

i use Coroutine with Closure like the documentation but she need a instance of Generator
i guess there's problem in the documentation in github


Type error: Argument 1 passed to Icicle\Coroutine\Coroutine::__construct() must be an instance of Generator