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    cat: 'part*' :No Such file or directory
    I got a error just like above,when running 'sudo sh en_US /mnt/data/ '
    How to deal with it ?
    Luciano Santa Brígida

    Hi @TheJoeyHe I actually did cat with

    cat "part-"* > corpus

    the * goes outside the ""
    Arye Shalev
    Shuo Zhang
    Hi, I am downloading the wiki2vec from, I am wondering what is the format of this file.
    I would like to use this file in my experiments.
    Anton Sviridov
    Hello. The format of the file is standard Gensim binary model file. Please refer to Gensim's docs for more details
    anish pradhan
    Hi, I am having issues with the torrent link. Is there any other option to download the model file?
    Anton Sviridov
    Hi @apogre, see my comment on your issue: idio/wiki2vec#34
    Hey, is there another way to download the model files. In our organization, torrent is not allowed.
    Hi I try to convert the wikipedia model with your class org.idio.wikipedia.dumps.ReadableWiki as described in the readme. But when executing the command (java -Xmx10G -Xms10G -cp org.idio.wikipedia.dumps.ReadableWiki wiki2vec-assembly-1.0.jar path-to-wiki-dump/eswiki-20150105-pages-articles-multistream.xml.bz2 pathTo/output/ReadableWikipedia) I get the following error: can not find main class
    I'm wondering where the main class is located?
    Anton Sviridov
    Your command seems to be the wrong way around - -cp argument accepts jar name, not the classname
    anish pradhan
    Does anyone have the pre-trained model for DBpedia entities from latest wikipedia dump?
    i try to build the project with the following command : mvn assembly:assembly. but it failed and i got this error msg:
    Execution default-test of goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-surefire-plugin:2.12.4:test failed: The forked VM terminated without saying properly goodbye. VM crash or System.exit called ? -> [Help 1]
    anyone know the solution to this=
    i am using maven 3.5 by the way
    Anton Sviridov
    which project are you building?
    Saurabh Vyas
    Hi guys, I am looking to train word2vec on wikipedia dump , only for computer science category articles , but I also need to convert few bigrams into phrases like operating system to operating_system , can anyone provide a suggestion?
    Hello, I've been playing with idio/json-wikipedia and I have some issue using the java API. If someone has some insight, I'm more than interrested ! I filled an issue here: idio/json-wikipedia#43
    @apogre : did you find any pre-trained model for DBpedia entities?
    Hi i am looking for a basic understanding of how vectors are generated using wiki2vec, can anybody please point out to me the algorithm behind it ?
    to my understanding, it is word2vec but in the input data the enitities are made up of one atomic unit like Barack Obama is dbpedia/Barack_Obama