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Jan 2016
Jan 29 2016 14:52
Hi, I have installed the unslider.js however it works on my macbook and work desktop but doesn't display on other individuals devices properly. It displays the banners that i have created underneath each other instead of in the actual height and width defined. Is this a compatibility issue or what?
Charlotte Swift
Jan 29 2016 19:57
@fiksie dir="rtl"
@halimasatheya upload an example, no idea what you're on about
Jan 29 2016 20:48
Hi - responsive issue question: I'm using unslider (vertical scroll) on a simple text unordered list. When the browser width resizes (smaller), the height changes (increases) as the displayed line of text wraps onto two, but unslider doesn't seem to respond to the new height. (It displays as intended if I just reload the page) Do I generally need to myslider.init() on browser size changes for unslider to adapt to the new vertical size? Or am I doing something else wrong? Cheers!
Jan 29 2016 21:08
thank you @idiot , i thought it was for horizontal sliding only (right to left)
Jan 29 2016 21:22
Hmm, reinitialising the slider on resize just keeps the old (incorrect) height, can't get it to recognise a new height without reloading the page, so far...
Jan 29 2016 22:04
Ok, it is recognising the height, but this only happens when the next item is scrolled, so next plan is to try and restart unslider immediately on a breakpoint change, rather than wait some seconds until the next slide...
Jan 29 2016 22:17
Well, found an acceptable compromise for now, I think, triggering a reinit on browser resize...