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Mar 2016
Mar 22 2016 01:39 UTC
having the same issue as kamal. I initialize a slider, then go back and try to animate on a click to the first slide with animate:first and it initializes a new slider.
Charlotte Swift
Mar 22 2016 14:25 UTC
Mar 22 2016 17:55 UTC
Ty idiot but even with the js in local directories I am not getting the sliding in Ie
Pratik Sheth
Mar 22 2016 22:38 UTC
Hi Unslider! How can I add dynamically div in slides?

What I want to do is like :

<div class="my-slider">
<li class="grid_pr"></li>
<li><div class="grid_pr"></div></li>

<li><div class="grid_pr"></div></li>
under mentioned div's i will add some grid through jquery
Pratik Sheth
Mar 22 2016 23:56 UTC
autoplay in infinite mode also not working properly