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Mar 2016
Daniel Mahon
Mar 24 2016 05:31 UTC
Hey there. Not seeing the unslider.ready event fire at all, is this a known issue?
Mar 24 2016 10:29 UTC
hey, the prev/next links are not close to the slider.. they are at the end of the screen
is there a way, to put them next to the slider
Mar 24 2016 10:36 UTC
and the circels are also not in the middel.. don'T know, what i didi wrong
Charlotte Swift
Mar 24 2016 12:10 UTC
@PratikSheth doesn't support it, use
@adelin2011 check the width and height of your slider, it's probably 0 because you haven't set any dimensions
@danielmahon you have to set the handler before you init the slider
@malde11 that's a css bug, not unslider - use web inspector