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Mar 2016
Chris Carroux
Mar 04 2016 01:19
oh wow, sounds like quite an undertaking
a plugin system sounds very useful but I'm guessing will be the hardest part
do you develop listr for personal utility or is it more for self-improvement, like sharpening your skills and learning new ones?
Jan T. Sott
Mar 04 2016 07:13
both i guess. i have need for it, sure.
Mathieu Aubin
Mar 04 2016 16:34
anyone hungry? i'm going for sausages
git fork fresh/sausages
git clone johnny-blaze/Ghost-Rider
checkout burningFurious
git status
I'll tell you when it's ready guys, no worries
OH shit
cd sausages
git branch new
git checkout new
git push
This message was deleted
Oh well. Sorry if that ever tempted you
I messed up, they are only available localy
and i just pushed them!
Mathieu Aubin
Mar 04 2016 16:42
This message was deleted
@idleberg > this could make an interesting real-world example worth mentioning in the wiki
Jan T. Sott
Mar 04 2016 22:11
reinstalling raspian on my pi
Jan T. Sott
Mar 04 2016 23:04
still haven't seen the famous(tm) nginx config file of yours
Jan T. Sott
Mar 04 2016 23:51
nice nice nice
never thought about logging in on the pi through RDC