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May 2016
Jan T. Sott
May 02 2016 12:13
what does your browser's console report? sounds like not all javascript was loaded
May 02 2016 16:06
Thanks for the console hint. I have found faulty generated URLs for listr.min.js and listr.min.css looking like this:
Here are the 3 reasons:
  1. $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] was empty, because my nginx server_name was not configured. So that was my bad.
  2. I am hosting Bootstrap-Listr in my web-root directory, thus dirname($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']) in listr-functions.php creates a wrong additional / in the URL (https://sub.domain.tld//assets/js/listr.min.js)
  3. I am also using a non standard port for my webserver, which is not provided by listr-functions.php
May 02 2016 16:11
I have fixed the issues for me and now all works like it should.
May 02 2016 16:19
Oh one more thing: I have added bmp to the supported mime-types for the popup viewer. Not so common, but doesnt hurt :)