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Repo info
    Retso Huang
    Roman Soldatow
    You are right, it is not yet possible to remove a user from a group
    Retso Huang
    Thank you.
    Jorge Veliz Berzosa
    Hi guys, Is possible create a web chat based in rest api client?
    based* in rest api client?
    Roman Soldatow
    Hey, no it is not possible to create a web chat based on the REST API Client
    Maybe you are looking for a JS lib? Look here: http://strophe.im/strophejs/
    Jorge Veliz Berzosa
    Good, thank you :)
    Is it possible to use this library on android side to use the rest api?
    Roman Soldatow
    I never tested that, but I think it should work yes
    Hi, anyone here? nid help
    how can i build a chat application in android using openfire?
    Hellow, I trying to create a new user, but always give error
    This API its out of date?
    I already test the plugin of the openfire and works, but using your API dont response
    Yusuf ÇAKAL
    hello everyone
    I have a problem
    Roman Soldatow
    @yusufcakal just ask here
    Vladimir Shevchuk
    Hi everyone! Maybe somebody can help me
    I'm training to get all chat rooms from openfire via https
    and I get error: "Request header field Authorization is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Headers in preflight response."
    what I'm doing wrong?