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Doruk Kutlu
__dirname should work
can you try it with the process.cwd() to make sure ?
ok.. give me a minute
Doruk Kutlu
also, browserify implements its own require() logic so the require() enclose.js uses might be incompatible
info Cannot resolve 'path.join(modulesPath, md)'
enclose also doesn't like dynamic require arguments
you can't expect it to know what md variable refers to and require that
what goes inside needs to be a string literal
oh.. it still switches a directory up
Doruk Kutlu
if (arch.os() === "win32") {
 md = "win32"
} else {
  md = ""
wouldn't work
@Norm- yeah i know that.. i will replace with switch case and some script to populate list of inputs..
Doruk Kutlu
try also that "specify in scripts" suggestion
the config file is not that complicated to grok
i will try
i deadly want to know why it switches a directory up
and by the way i have included this in config
module.exports = {
scripts: "./app/lib/schemaToJson.js"
this exists right in same directory from where i am calling enclose
but it is still saying doing native require from browserified file schemaToJson.js
and so getting
error Cannot find module './lib' from '/Users/me/data/enter/app/lib'
schemaToJson.js exists in directory lib
please help me out
Hello @igorklopov can you please provide me the key, i made the payment using email : skoupi@gmail.com thank you
Hi @igorklopov please provide the key for 'mariabur' email - payment was done yesterday. Thank you.
@mfonsos , others, did you get your licenses finally?
Hello @kshinkarenko still waiting but i know Igor is a busy developer so we just have to be patience :) dont worry we will get it finally
I made the payment via paypal, please send key to kiru.ppal@yahoo.com. Thanks.
Garry L
i got new computer but the same licence not working for me
i need a new one?
hello i am not able to purchase from the website any tip?
so i was able to purchase the license, what's next guys? Didnt reveice any code by email
hello i have a params file in my app called with require. I would be able to change those params in that file but the enclosed app always loading the initial enclosed params.js
any tip?
hello @igorklopov i've subscribed on the site yesterday but didn't get any license email. My pp email: fumanchu12@gmail.com
Syed Rehanuddin
Hello, what is the procedure to renew my enclose key ?
Guys this project seems dead, no updates from long time
i have taken an annual license
but no response to any queries
this is also premium but looks promising
Indeed, sad to say that was my impression too. I asked a few simple questions prior to buying a license and never got any reply, so I dropped this as a viable solution. YMMV! The nectarjs thing unfortunately doesn't look any better for now : "Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator about 18 hours ago."...
I am planning to use encloseJS for one of project, but unfortunately my anti virus pops up a virus threat, any help on this pls.
Also if I succeed in this POC, I would buy the EvolveJS licence for our company.
Deepak Kapoor
I wish to enclose my electron-based-app
but having a little difficulty
I can purchase the premium
if you guys can help me enclosing my app.
What's the discussion on decompilation of the executable created with Enclose into its source files? Can i be sure that the source code fully protected and no one will be able to see what's inside?
Hello to all, i use Enclose to all my projects...little tricky @ the beginning in order to find how to enclose properly but once you get it, it is a must.