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May 2015
Florian van Dillen
May 28 2015 06:29
When using e.SendToPlayers = false; in the OnPlayerText event, it still shows for the player sending the chat. Any ideas on how to completely disable the default behavior? I want to use my scripted chat system only (that part works fine!)
Florian van Dillen
May 28 2015 06:56
^ the line in the image with the playerid is the scripted one, the other one shows every time and should not show.
S. Alexandre
May 28 2015 15:03
Is there a way to do aliases for commands ?
Florian van Dillen
May 28 2015 16:44
Use [Command("commandname", Alias="aliasname")]
Florian van Dillen
May 28 2015 17:02
@ikkentim Still having the issue above with the PlayerText event. It's currently not a large issue but it sucks to see it twice.
Tim Potze
May 28 2015 22:41
It should work... In the framework it does this:
    internal bool OnPlayerText(int playerid, string text)
        var args = new TextEventArgs(text);

        OnPlayerText(GtaPlayer.FindOrCreate(playerid), args);

        return !args.SendToPlayers;
Ill test it when I can.
Ah I think it shouldn't be inverted (!)
For now, set SendToPlayers to true, until I release a fix (apparently the default value is true atm...)
Tim Potze
May 28 2015 22:47