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Jun 2016
Jun 06 2016 00:14 UTC
Anyone have any idea why streamer isn't working for me? I keep getting a native not found error (I'm using 0.6 release).
I'm using this to create a new dynamicPickup:
var dynamicPickup = new DynamicPickup(bank.PickupModel, 23, new Vector3(bank.OutsideX, bank.OutsideY, bank.OutsideZ), 100.0f, new int[] { 0 }, new int[] { 0 }, GtaPlayer.All.ToArray());
where bank is an object with the information
Tim Potze
Jun 06 2016 06:04 UTC
Did you load the streamer plugin itself (not only the c# wrapper)?
Jun 06 2016 19:23 UTC
no I didn't LOL
whoops, thanks lmao
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Jun 06 2016 21:27 UTC
Is there anyway you can make a GetPositionFindZ function for Samp# 0.7 and have it return a Vector3? I like the SetPositionFindZ function in the GtaPlayer class, however I want to use it for other stuff such as vehicles
also it would be great so I could set my position variable in my PlayerInfo class to the SetPositionFindZ position without actually setting the player's location to that
Florian van Dillen
Jun 06 2016 21:32 UTC
Hey Tim, what's the current status on the framework in regards to NuGet?
Does it work natively now?