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Oct 2016
Oct 23 2016 01:43
I advise you put in helper functions still for above, left, right and below though
really helpful for programmatic population
for circumstances where you don't want label2 as a child of label (ie. populating a grid)
Also, for detecting overlaps, there's a load of stuff in the System.Drawing library
Might be media
Could do it yourself, but why reinvent the wheel
Don't necessarily even need to put that in as part of your UI stuff of course - we can just do it by hand
Tim Potze
Oct 23 2016 07:51
What kind of helper functions do you mean?
(FYI I'll also be adding docking options like in winforms)
Oct 23 2016 15:06
Works identical to AnchorStyles.Bottom with padding, but doesn't parent it to the above element
Example: I use it to populate grids