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Oct 2016
Tim Potze
Oct 29 2016 15:25
OnPlayerCommandText should work just fine; SampSharp's command system is also using that
Michael Kilpatrick
Oct 29 2016 15:49
Doing this:
Does not work for me.
Will give me the in-game Unknown command message.
Michael Kilpatrick
Oct 29 2016 15:59
This is from the console.
This is OnPlayerCommandText:
ZCMD styled ProcessCommand:
The two commands used:
In-game, even though e.Success is set to true, it will still send the Unkown command message.
Oct 29 2016 16:59
Sounds strange but try taking the foreground colour stuff out
I played with that as well, and while it worked for the first message, it fucked up samp-server.exe for me
Michael Kilpatrick
Oct 29 2016 22:13
Foreground color works flawless for me :)
Console.Beep / Console.RedirectStandardOutput / Console.RedirectStandardInput is working as well, good for making a control panel with WinForm.
Sorry, .Open not .Redirect