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Nov 2016
Nov 09 2016 16:55
"[SampSharp] Exception thrown during execution of OnPlayerCommandText:
System.Reflection.TargetException: Object of type 'SampSharp.GameMode.World.GtaPlayer' doesn't match target type 'GameMode.DPlayer'"
DPlayer inherts from GtaPlayer, command is non-static method in DPlayer class with only one line: SetPositionFindZ(new Vector3((float)1958.3783, (float)1343.1572, (float)15.3746));. Can anybody help me? ;x
Nov 09 2016 17:00
I created static method in GameMode class with DPlayer as argument - it haven't been working, but it works fine with GtaPlayer.
Tim Potze
Nov 09 2016 18:33
I'm not sure if that works in sampsharp 0.6.x, :s