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    Mariano Guerra
    I thhink I found the bug
        const existingValue = wasNotSet ? notSetValue : existing;
        const newValue = updater(existingValue);
        return newValue === existingValue ? existing : newValue;
    is wasNotSet, then existingValue is set to notSetValue, then updater returns existingValue (which is not existing, is the default), and then newValue === existingValue is true, so no update happens
    but it should, because existingValue is not actually existing, it's the default
    I think it should be
        return !wasNotSet && newValue === existingValue ? existing : newValue;
    but too early to tell :P
    Matt Dziuban
    @marianoguerra sorry for the delay, but i'm using version 4.0.0-rc.12
    thanks for looking into it!
    Mariano Guerra
    @leebyron hi, I would like to open a PR for the issue above ^, but I get many failing tests, npm install and npm run test fails. mostly __tests__/updateIn.ts: SyntaxError: Unexpected token, expected "," (36:43) and SyntaxError: Only declares and type imports are allowed inside declare module any hint on how to setup the environment to be able to add a failing test?
    Francisco Ryan Tolmasky I
    @marianoguerra I believe I ran into your exact issue a while ago, and even proposed a similar solution. I can't remember the reason, but (if it was the same solution), some problem was listed with it. I am having difficulty finding the issue on github though, will let you know if I do end up finding it
    @marianoguerra actually, found it: immutable-js/immutable-js#1061
    Mariano Guerra
    @tolmasky " I'm hoping to improve it in a future major version" :)
    Viktor Kuroljov
    Hi everyone
    Mariano Guerra
    can someone with permissions close this issue as inactive and no further info provided? immutable-js/immutable-js#1670
    I would like to have a clear picture of which issues are actually issues
    Mariano Guerra
    I replied to this one immutable-js/immutable-js#1708 can someone confirm and close it?
    Mariano Guerra
    is anyone able to run the tests without getting a lot of typescript errors?
    Nhat Toan
    how to add multi item to array List() immuntable js ?
    Nhat Toan
    @marianoguerra thank u
    Erwann Mest
    I've got a question :)
    I'm doing this console.log(props.get("type"), props.type)
    and it returns
    "article", undefined
    I don't get it :)
    is it because it's a List?
    i'm doing this
    {divisions.size > 0 && divisions.map(props => (
    Mariano Guerra
    what is props? a Immutable.Map?
    Erwann Mest
    it's a List
    and what I'm reading here
    it sounds to be normal
    direct attribute access only works on Record
    not List or Map
    Mariano Guerra
    Erwann Mest
    @marianoguerra thanks :)
    Seth Feibus
    Is this project no longer being maintained? It'd be helpful to get a straight answer so people could migrate to other solutions
    Mariano Guerra
    does immutable depend on a specific typescript version? running npm run test on master gives me syntax errors
    [error] resources/jest.d.ts: SyntaxError: Only declares and type imports are allowed inside declare module (75:3)
    hi im having this issue when using List (node:9312) [DEP0079] DeprecationWarning: Custom inspection function on Objects via .inspect() is deprecated
    immutable.js is looking dead? did something else come out to replace it?
    Mariano Guerra
    immutable 3.8.2 is "finished" for me, not dead, the release of 4.0 is really close to be ready but inactive for a long while
    I tried to review some issues many times but I have problems building it and running tests so I can't make progress :/
    Conrad Buck
    In cast anyone comes here Immutable isn't dead yet. New maintainers are banding together. If anyone has interest in joining us, we can be found at https://immutable-js.slack.com
    Jeremy Dombrowski
    @conartist6 That's exactly what I can to ask 😉