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Mar 2016
Mar 09 2016 16:41
Hey !
Glad to see you're back in action
I have a few test fixes lying around somewhere, I'll try and clean them up in a PR this week
and I noticed the branch is based on CMake 3.2.1 or something along these lines, so I'll try and rebase it on 3.5.0
there might be new tests and stuff we could take advantage of
Mar 09 2016 16:49
Oh, looks like you fixed the same things in your commits
nevermind then ^^
Joshua Green
Mar 09 2016 17:50
Oh really? My most recent change is fixing PDB locations - but it's not 100% working
appears to have broken 2 other tests
and my other changes (DOLLAR_TAG ones) I'm not super happy with
but the Preprocess test is almost fixed...
I think the final fix to it requires a Fastbuild change
rebasing/merging the latest CMake sounds like a good idea
hopefully there isn't too much in conflict
Most of the issues with the "ExternalProject" tests look like they're related to custom commands not having unique names... so they might be easyish to resolve soon too
I've been travelling - so a lot more time to spend looking at code whilst on flights :)
You may have better fixes for the things I've done - so feel free to suggest changes
Joshua Green
Mar 09 2016 20:08
Yeah, so as you saw, I finally merged in all of your pull requests
I wanted to do it much earlier, but the pull request interface in github didn't show how different your stuff was very nicely
so I finally got a chance to review it properly and hit merge (y)