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Sep 2016
I squashed your work in one big commit as much as I easily could
I don't think there was much value in the huge history of the branch
I started a thread on the CMake mailing list about the generator
there is some architectural rework needed
they moved away from local generators a bit and introduced target generators
those are meant to generate a single target, and they found that it make the code much tidy-er
Joshua Green
Sep 23 2016 08:44
Fair enough, the local generator stuff was minimal anyway. Mostly there to avoid various test case failures!
I agree about the history too
I might give this a whirl on the weekend. I have more travel to entertain myself on
Sep 23 2016 09:46
sure, the more the merrier
I'll keep the work on this branch, which I reverted to 3.6, because while master was building OK, it did not work at all
So right now I'm moving stuff into a TargetGenerator
Joshua Green
Sep 23 2016 09:50
I need to get familiar with where fastbuild is at too. There were many features we needed to add
Sep 23 2016 09:51
yeah, the VisualStudio solution generation looks very nice
Joshua Green
Sep 23 2016 09:57
Yeah, that is probably worth adding for sure.
Sep 23 2016 13:12
OK, in case you want to work on this I'll tell you what I'm doing
I've moved lots of stuff to the target generator
I created the utility generator, then realised the utility generation was empty, so i'll leave it be for now
while moving stuff to the target generator, I saw that some things could be simplified this way
e.g. the GenerationContext::targetContexts can be moved entirely into the target generator IMO
and most of what the GenerationContext does can be removed
since it is mostly used to pass around values
There's a bit of regressions there
but it still works
about 20 more tests fail
Joshua Green
Sep 23 2016 13:17
Ok great, yeah the contexts were there to collect info and make sense of the cmake craziness... If they have cleaned that up then awesome
Sounds great, I'll take a look tomorrow :)
Sep 23 2016 13:18
I'll update if I do more stuff
there are quite a few hacks around (a few const cast for instance) that I did when rebasing in order to get stuff to compile and work