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Oct 2016
Oct 31 2016 13:25 UTC

Hey @packadal. I've cloned your fastbuild-master, built it on linux (Centos 7), fixed some trivial compilation errors and would like to run tests. What is the correct way to do that? If I just run the newly built ctest, I get:

98% tests passed, 8 tests failed out of 459

Label Time Summary:
Label1 = 0.04 sec (1 test)
Label2 = 0.04 sec (1 test)

Total Test time (real) = 963.03 sec

The following tests FAILED:
118 - BuildDepends (Failed)
147 - Qt4And5AutomocReverse (Failed)
192 - CTestCoverageCollectGCOV (Failed)
392 - RunCMake.CommandLine (Failed)
400 - RunCMake.IfacePaths_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES (Failed)
408 - RunCMake.CPack_RPM (Failed)
409 - RunCMake.CPack_TGZ (Failed)
459 - CMake.CheckSourceTree (Failed)

Oct 31 2016 18:50 UTC
Hi ! Awesome that you're helping on this!
Could you please send me a Pull Request for the fixes?
As for running the tests I'm not optimistic, since it requires the generator to be able to compile CMake
But what you need to do is this
Configure CMake with the fastbuild generator
And build this
Then in this build dir do CTest
Please keep me posted about your progress!
There is one ugly workaround for commands that have two parts, e.g. 'ls & & cd..'
All custom commands are output to a script file
This may not work properly on Linux (untested)
Oct 31 2016 22:31 UTC

Hi Packadal!

I made a PR for you. This is my first PR on github (!), please let me know if anything is off -- not used to github's workflow yet.

I used the bootstrap script to compile cmake (as README suggests) and that was quite messy as it did not make out of source build.

Next, I'll try to build cmake with cmake (using makefile as generator) then try to build cmake with fastbuild and see what the status is.

Oct 31 2016 22:50 UTC
@packadal , some questions:
  • what platform do you use for development
  • what are you currently working on
  • are there any other cmake -> fbuild converters/generators out there? I was thinkging that cmake -> ninja -> fbuild might be feasible as ninja is a simple and clean
Oct 31 2016 23:54 UTC
The PR looks good, I'll merge it soon, thanks
  • I use MSVC for this development (more of a linux guy usually, but ccache + ninja fits me nicely on Linux, and MSVC is painfully slow when compared to this
  • trying to get all CMake tests to work (see list of failing tests in the globalfastbuild file)
  • not that I know of. Even if converting ninja to fastbuild is feasible, I don't think it would make it into CMake trunk
My goal is to have the generator working well enough to make it into CMake 3.8