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Nov 2016
Nov 09 2016 09:08
@doodlydroll hmm, I don't have this issue on windows, maybe you should ask this question on the CMake mailing list or IRC channel
Joshua Green
Nov 09 2016 23:25
@doodlydroll have you read the doc I linked before about running tests?
maybe you're doing something different?
When running tests I always set -C Debug
ie bin/Debug/ctest -C Debug
@doodlydroll regarding the escaping of shell, this is definitely a pain.
I went to a bunch of effort to escape these sequences before they go through cmake and then just before they hit fastbuild..
I thought I had ironed out most of them
@packadal did you take the latest from inbilla/cmake?
or is it possible there are things laying around in there?