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Nov 2016
Nov 14 2016 10:06
uh, I get much less test fails
maybe I did not push the latest version, but I have a list of about 10-20 tests that fail on MSVC
Nov 14 2016 11:16

Regarding the issue with running commands via shell, how about extending fastbuild to do that if that is configured in the Settings, for instance:

.shell = '/bin/sh -c'

or eventually, having .shell = '/bin/sh' and .shellArgs = { '-c' }
What do you think?

Joshua Green
Nov 14 2016 11:54
Not sure what you'll achieve. Fastbuild will run whatever we tell it to. The problem with shell stuff is that cmake escapes things badly. And that makes it difficult to tell fastbuild what we want it to do
Nov 14 2016 13:36
From what I've seen arguments get escaped via EscapeForShell() which would produce wrong result unless either FB runs it via a shell, or they are not escaped this way. I'd need to trace this again, I can't recall if cmake was doing that or FB's generator had control on that. Using more complex commands with && is another issue. Both of these issues would be resolved by making FB to run the command via a shell. This might eventually come handy for the custom commands too. May be there will be no need to generate a bat file per command. I have no idea about the last one as I have not really looked much into those. I just saw these are created.