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Feb 2018
Feb 09 2018 13:14
Hi @BrodyHiggerson , fastbuild do have more support for cmake generator usage, but as fastbuild author's written ,it followed "dev" -> Perforce -> "master" development model ,github didn't update frequently (except new version published) , there's still some changes needed for fastbuild pending . cmake itself also changed a lot . since my last try, I've found cmake's qt moc function create same output file even in different configs, which can't work with fastbuild easily . cmake changed to create per-config outputs in recent versions,but unforunately this change also breaks fastbuild generator code (since my last try). Seems that there isn't too musch interests from both sides, so I give up this .
I like fastbuild's function , but before developers create full functional fastbuil + cmake forks , I think these work may not easily upstreamed.
Ádám Szűcs
Feb 09 2018 15:26
@comicfans understand your decision, thanks for the quick update. It still interests me, why there is no interest in creating the FastBuild generator if there is a Ninja one :D