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Alberto Luebbert M.
I have a question
Can use angular-moment-picker without having to be included in the controller after having declared the module?
I am facing some issue in the click event
i am not getting date picker popup for the text input
Kevin Strasters

anyone know if its possible to hide the header for specific views?

i want the header to be there for the month view, but not anything past that.

Kevin Strasters
nvm figured this out
Abdullah Ahmad
How to pass data from component in a family to component on a different family?
(do not share the same parent)
I am using angular-moment-picker on popup but the moment picker container is not attach to the popup it attach to the body
anyone tell me how can i attach this picker container with popup ?
Kevin Strasters
I'm not sure what you mean exactly
Having a strange binding issue. On Ng-init I get the date time and create a moment from it which is bound to the control. If the control is ng-if'd to remove it and then put back there is no binding even though the moment is populated. Is there a better practice or work around anyone knows of ?
Alexi Taylor
Hi I would like to add a new feature, a century view. What is the best way of going about this? Should I create a new issue then pull request?
Kevin Strasters
If you want it to be part of the main code develop it and make a pull request. Otherwise just dev it and put the custom file in your solution
Vishal Gurung
In my spring-angular1 project at what folder level should I do npm install of angular-moment-picker
Vishal Gurung
I tried implementing it but the ui is not seen at all
I am a newbie so help me understand
please help
time picker doesnt work on me
Kevin Strasters
Can you be more specific?
Vishal Gurung
@WrathoPlays_twitter Is there a way I can set minimum date
Kevin Strasters
Yes. It's in the documentation. Just add min-date to the element in the html
Vishal Gurung
thank you
i need small help to disable time selection in date picker dynamically
I have a check box, when even selects that box allow the user to select both date and time, if user not selected the checkbox allow the user to select only date.
I tried changing the scope dynamically, but no luck
Kevin Strasters

I am trying to think of a clever way to do this. I tried changing the format on the dom but that doesn't appear to bind correctly. Something u can try for now is setting up 2 different pickers both with the same everything except the format is the ones you want. and then show/hide based off the check box being shown or not

i will update if i find something cooler

currently i am following the same approach
@WrathoPlays_twitter Thanks
Shawn Rieger
why does hours default to 1? (min view is month) also can I not set UTC?
Shawn Rieger
I’m passing in a moment object thats in utc, but im getting back eastern tz
Kevin Strasters
there's not an 'hours-step' option so its not really defaulting to 1hr, its just the only option. You can probably modify the code of the plugin to allow for bigger steps if you need. And you should be able to manipulate the moment object to return the UTC time with moment.utc()
Shawn Rieger
@WrathoPlays_twitter thanks, actually maybe i wasn’t totally clear. When selecting a day, I get a moment of that day at 1am instead of 00. is this default behavior?
Kevin Strasters
I'll have to take a look at how it works in my app to answer accurately. But can you still not use moment to get it to the time one you want after the fact?
Coolow Anvil
How can I set timezone?
Anyone here now?
Is it possible to have days / months gone by be invalid for selecting, so the uesr can't try to use an older date?
Kevin Strasters

@MichaelLazarevic use min-date and /or max-date


function today(){
return new Date;

to be safe subtract a day from that or set the time of today to 00:00 so the user can still select today?

HI Guys... is anybody even here?
can i use rails assets for this?
Hi guys .. is there any option to add date range here? and add custom start date end date selection?
Auttawut Wiriyakreng
anybody here