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May 2017
Tomas Laskauskas
May 08 2017 06:17
Hi @indrimuska, I am trying to use your angular-moment-picker, really good picker, btw.
But I have this issue, that I need different format of time/date shown than output format which I need to be unix time.
Is there an easy way with this plugin to achieve so ?
Indri Muska
May 08 2017 19:52
Hi @thfrlw you can use ngModel to handle Moment.js date to calculate unix time or any format you like, and use the format property to choose the format you want to show for the displayed value (e.g. input field). This latter formatted string is also available with the moment-picker property (that is mandatory to use the directive). You can read more info on the README file in the repo :)