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Sep 2016
Žiga Marolt
Sep 29 2016 15:06


I am just curious if it is possible to query summary of values in some time range grouped by hours? So there should be 24 records returned - for each hour summary of hours.

Thank you.

Connor Peet
Sep 29 2016 15:46
You could do something like select mean(my_value) from my_measurement where time > now() - 24h group by time(1h)
Žiga Marolt
Sep 29 2016 17:59
Thank you @connor4312 but this is not something that I want. Lets say that I want to get data, to see at which hour at the day, there was the biggest traffic/load... so for last 30days I want to get statistics grouped by hours, and get 24records for 30 days.. In mysql we can acieve this with something like 'select hour(date_time), count(1) from metrics group by hour(date_time)'
Elisiário Couto
Sep 29 2016 18:58
Hello all,
Is it possible to restore some backup data (done with influx cli) to a different retention policy? I've backed up db_name."default_rp" and I want to restore this data in a different server to db_name."another_rp"