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Feb 2017
Juliën Hanssens
Feb 08 2017 15:44

Hi all, I'm using InfluxCloud with a freshly created Kapacitor node. When I attempt to connect to it, I’m getting the following error message:

InfluxData API responded with status code=Unauthorized, response={"error":"unable to parse authentication credentials"}

This is through one of the .NET clients, but the same goes through the CLI when using one of the following:

# approach 1: credentials as querystring
$ kapacitor -url "" define modem_temperature_alert -type stream -tick script.tick -dbrp kapacitor_example.autogen

    authorization failed

# approach 2: user/pass in address
$ kapacitor -url define modem_temperature_alert -type stream -tick script.tick -dbrp kapacitor_example .autogen

    unable to parse authentication credentials

Also, as I've found online that there currently is no support for authentication yet (!), providing no authentication credentials also returns "unable to parse authentication credentials".

In short: how can I authenticate/connect to Kapacitor in InfluxCloud?