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Mar 2017
Mar 23 2017 00:26
Ivan Vaskevych
Mar 23 2017 16:23
Hi guys! I need to store sensor measurements, there are about 10 types and 1k different sensor. I'll be writing them separately (sensor, type, value) and reading mostly together (sensor, * types)
What's the best structure to do that? Separate "measurements" per my type, or everything in one? Or, maybe, "measurement" per sensor ID?
Jack Zampolin
Mar 23 2017 18:22
@vladimirshin Yes it is! A single server can handle upwards of 500k metrics/sec
@manojgour Please post your question over in
@nnungest I'm working on a sandbox on top of docker compose is you are interested.
@csaurav Thats the best documentation out there
@mani214 Up your open file handles limit ulimit -n 65000. This might mean you have too many databases/shards. If you could post any other questions over at
Jack Zampolin
Mar 23 2017 18:29
@irfn You need to store 10M field values across 1M series A single server of influx can handle between 5-10M series and 500k+ writes/sec.
@r3cgm :wave:
Jack Zampolin
Mar 23 2017 18:36
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