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Apr 2017
Luvpreet Singh
Apr 17 2017 13:18
How can I do perform alias on 2 fields ? Like in postgres I can do this using array_agg() ??
Jack Zampolin
Apr 17 2017 22:22
@johannesostling Can you set the timerange in Grafana to only show the day? That should be pretty easy. Why are you trying to filter out the nights? There is not an easy way to do this with the QL. Also if you have questions in the future please post them over on
Sunil Shah
Apr 17 2017 22:32
Hi, does anybody have any advice on making users have different permissions (specifically controlling which tag they write to), but within the same DB? Influx currently seems to only allow permissions handled at the DB level and not tag level.
I can also post that to the forums
Connor Peet
Apr 17 2017 22:33
I think you need to handle that at some "higher" level
You could write a front door for influxdb that parses requests, validates permissions, and proxies to Influx
(Or PR some code directly into Influx! But that might be a little more challenging :) )
Sunil Shah
Apr 17 2017 22:37
Hmm, thank you @connor4312. I'm afraid of some performance limitations, but I'll try that. I was hoping for an Influx ready solution because I see that being a recurring issue if someone is using this for IoT and has a lot of customer sited devices. That DB wide permission will allow users to write in each other's tags, albeit a small security concern it's still possible.
Connor Peet
Apr 17 2017 22:38
Ah, yea. I saw someone else (or maybe it was you?) asking about that scenario a year ago or so
You could keep the performance impact pretty small I think if you write your Influx parser to be a streaming parser--the line protocol should be pretty friendly to that. Ideally that would keep the overhead a few microseconds + network latency. Maybe someone else has already written one you could take advantage of, or build off of :)
Sunil Shah
Apr 17 2017 22:44
It wasn't me, I'm still pretty new to Influx. I'll investigate and post any progress. Thanks!