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Feb 2019
Konstantin Bläsi
Feb 03 12:39
do you typically encode the unit of the field value into the field key for example "energy_total_kWh" or do you use tag key/values for example "energy_total_unit" => "kWh" ?
Konstantin Bläsi
Feb 03 13:02
tags make more sense to me if the unit can change (micro, milli, kilo, mega, giga, ...) :D
but I wonder if that's of any use to tools like grafana? Should I just make sure values all use the same unit and adjust them as needed?
Poul H. Sørensen
Feb 03 23:07
I perfer to use the basic SI units without any prefix, energy_total 10000000 (Wh). I have previously seen 10 kMB (10 000 Mega Bytes) because the measurement was "MB" and not "B" - to make it worse (it was an old system) and I think it should have been 10 kiMiB...
10 737 418 240 Bytes (10 240 MiB).
It may cause trouble when presenting and/or calculating stuff with different "prefix" - (swap in Bytes, memory i MB and disk space in GiB)
my .1€ : go for SI standard units and let big data handle the rest...