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Paul Puschmann
@ChrisE-UoN I suggest using Ansible, Puppet, Chef or similar to configure InfluxDB.
(or manipulating files, config and packages)
Taimoor Chatha
I have a feeling my question either is something that is intuitive to db masters, or it's just not possibe, but I'll try it here as well: Is there any method to get unique values in influxdb and also get the timestamp? What's the reasoning behind the timestamp being epoch 0?
Taimoor Chatha
Is it possible to join the results that i get back with the distinct function, with the same table to get the timestamp?
Taimoor Chatha
select * from <measurement> group by <field> order by time desc limit 1 does what I want.
Calem Bendell
Heya everyone, is there a binary transfer format to insert over HTML?
Chris Dibble
If a node in my DOT graph is producing errors on kapacitor show task_name, is there any way to get more debug information on that error? Right now I just see a counter of the errors.
Hello! Is there a way to change field type of measurement? I inserted some values as integer, but now I need cast it to fload and insert float values.
Connor Peet
Not afaik
I'm running a phone server with events -- how would I go about logging these things in influxdb, if possible?
I understand how to log total active calls, per second.
But I want to log calls -- carrier, destination country, destination phone type, duration, etc.
Then, I want to see concurrent calls by country, by carrier, etc -- but these have a duration. Are durations possible with influxdb?
this room looks pretty quiet -- somewhere else more active?
support having?

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Ed Kim
Hi. Is there a way to store aggregated data only given the time range?
Let say we have millions of data points coming in every minute
Most of the time we only use mean value per minute
So we dont really need to store per second or millisecond data
So if there is a way to insert as it update the mean value of the minute range, we would save alot more computation time as well as the storage
Vitaly Zhuravlev
Hi, is there any good example how to use KapacitorLoopback node? https://docs.influxdata.com/kapacitor/v1.4/nodes/kapacitor_loopback_node/
Can it be used for chaining streams from different tick scripts?
Is there community/paid support? This room looks useless!!
Ed Kim
Haha agree
Hey just posting this here in case there's a chance somebody can help. I'm having trouble using GROUP BY inside subqueries. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48653009/missing-data-using-group-by-with-influxdb-subqueries
nvm figured it out
tosheer kalra
Hey.. Have anyone tried pushing open tracing data in Jaeger or Zipkin format to influxdb and seen the traces using Jager / Zipkin as chronograf doesn't support it?
Let me know if i am missing anything
Hi - I just posted this question on community.influxdata.com: https://community.influxdata.com/t/use-of-a-continuous-query-with-non-negative-difference-and-non-negative-derivative-functions/4024 - does anyone here have any suggestions?
Kindly someone guide me to install collectd on Windows machine
Cayetano Soriano
Is telegraf a drop replacement for fluentd?
Matjaž Mav
Hey can I use docker input plugin for multiple docker endpoints
Erik Idland
Quick question: Where can I find the Influx Stress Tool V2 config file? the default
Cayetano Soriano
any ETA FOR telegrad 1.6?
Hi, I'm having an issue where I get this exception writing stats to influxdb
.server.influx.dao.InfluxDBDao - The InfluxDB test-write failed. Please check the provided credentials and user permissions.
I did check with the config file and I'm using the right username/password.
Tai Kersten
Hello, new to influx and I have an issue. I recently wrote a script to bulk insert a mass of data to influx but forgot to set a precision and my seconds timestamps are being interpreted as nano-seconds resulting in all my data being set to sometime in the 1st of January 1970. Although I suspect I will have to re-grab all my data and re-insert, is there any way to convert my timestamps to an appropriate precision?
Faiaz Sanaulla
Hello, is it possible to enable UDP in influx docker image?
hi is there a gitter for telegraf? is there an ETA for telegraf 1.8?
Patrick Callahan
can I use capturing groups in InfluxDB's regexes, to put something I can use later in the query or create a virtual/temporary field or tag based on what gets captured?

I've got some data that's in kind of a bad format; some things are stored in the name

I'd like to pull that stuff out so that I can use it to clean up some output in Grafana

Patrick Callahan
it does appear to accept named capturing groups in the regex themselves, but idk if it actually does anything with them
Shan Desai
Hi all, What is an optimal way to dump series back into the db after changing a field value? A detailed question is available on SE and is open for bounty if you are SE user
if we dont take the backup of influxdb , but if we have whole /var/lib/influxdb folder can we restore the database
Ryan Watts
Greetings, is it possible to setup an ingestion pipeline with influxdb.
for example if I would like to ingest data from an http endpoint and schedule that ingestion.
For example pulling data from google analytics http endpoint and having that data scaled to pull daily
Hello. I'm building an app using Python which should collect some metrics from network devices and store it in influxdb. I need to understand which way is better and why? Send the data directly to influxdb or send it to telegraf instead.
Jagdeep Singh
Hey guys, I'm setting up promethues remote storage to influx.. got stuck at issue and there is an open Pr to fix this issue: influxdata/influxdb#10591 can someone please take a look and merge this?
Konstantin Bläsi
do you typically encode the unit of the field value into the field key for example "energy_total_kWh" or do you use tag key/values for example "energy_total_unit" => "kWh" ?
Konstantin Bläsi
tags make more sense to me if the unit can change (micro, milli, kilo, mega, giga, ...) :D
but I wonder if that's of any use to tools like grafana? Should I just make sure values all use the same unit and adjust them as needed?
Poul H. Sørensen
I perfer to use the basic SI units without any prefix, energy_total 10000000 (Wh). I have previously seen 10 kMB (10 000 Mega Bytes) because the measurement was "MB" and not "B" - to make it worse (it was an old system) and I think it should have been 10 kiMiB...
10 737 418 240 Bytes (10 240 MiB).
It may cause trouble when presenting and/or calculating stuff with different "prefix" - (swap in Bytes, memory i MB and disk space in GiB)
my .1€ : go for SI standard units and let big data handle the rest...
Poul H. Sørensen
And I would use the field to represent the measurement, whether it is "energy_total", "energy_total_kWh" or "energy_total_TWh"