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Would it be possible with a continous query?
Smit Jain
can we post questions regarding telegraf in this channel or there is some other channel created ?
Hello, everyone.
I am having a problem with the Telegraf. I can't kill it with Ctrl+C. Have to kill it from console every time.
I am running an input service with Sleep. I assume that is the problem.
@smitjainsj I think we can :D
Smit Jain
@kobvel canfirm your version, I never had this issu
Hi everyone I need help, can you check these:
Hello Guys
Mihail Malo
Yo yo yo
Is there a discord or something?
Where should I ask about FLUX?
Francisco Palomares
Hi, what is the problem?
I'm trying to compare realtime sync solutions, any one checked deepstream?
Hi, is there any specific channel for Influx java?
Hello all , I recently discovered influxDB 2.0 and it seems and amazing tool for real time visualization / monitoring.
Instead of building a real GUI for my application, I am looking to connect an akka stream (in scala) to an influxDB (2.0) to store events and visualize them in grafana or telegraph. I saw in a recent webcast that influx was releasing specific clients for programming languages. Is there any JVM client (java, scala) that enables to write to the DB> from the doc / posts the scala client only enables to read records? Any reference, tutorial or articles would be great. Thank you
Hello everyone! I have a working influxdb+telegraf. I send metrics directly to influxdb with two different ways. With curl and using influxdb-java-2.16.jar library. Will the telegraf work in this case or I should send metrics to telegraf instead of influxdb?

Hello All ! I’d like to understand what would be the efficient query to filter a large number of tag values while performing a group by . Here’s an example

Let’s assume we have 5000 hosts which have telegraf running and all of them send their metrics to an influxdb located elsewhere . Lets take the “CPU” telegraf metric for example . Now I’d like to fetch the average CPU consumed for a list of hosts which can be say around 300 . Now “host” is a tag for each metric which is unique for each host.

What would be the most efficient way to query influx to just get the average cpu for the last 1 day for 300 specific hosts?
Lets say the tag values for host are host1,host2,host3 etc

I currently know of only 2 methods
1) Just chain the OR statements
select mean(usage_system) from cpu where time > now() - 1d where host=‘host1’ or host=‘host2’ or … (for 300 hosts) group by host
2)Use regex
select mean(usage_system) from cpu where time > now() - 1d where host ~= /host1|host2|host3|…(300hosts)/ group by host

I find both of them highly inefficient . Is there a better way to do this?

is an org or bucket necessary ?
I'm tyring out the golang sdk, client.WriteAPI takes org, bucket but not sure, doesn't seem necessary?
ya - seems ncessary - but then how was I able to just do insert in the influx shell - hmm
okay - i see - im using 1.8, leaving org name empty is okay - bucket name can be just the db name
looking for a way to manage tasks & notifications from the CLI - the docs only mention UI and the golang sdk doesn't mention at all
rather - making a task from CLI is mentioned, but making a ntification seems to be only UI for now?
I want to count the number of events during last 1 week from a measurement X and store the count into another measurement Y periodically using an InfluxDB CONTINUOUS QUERY. However it seems "GROUP BY time" is mandatory in the query. This results in splitting of the result into multiple time range windows. Is there a way to disable GROUP BY or specify some duration in GROUP BY that doesn't result in splitting of the result?
Anyone very familiar with the external plugin shim for input plugins?