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  • Oct 14 2017 18:43
    @IvanMMM banned @xgemboy
Markus Luan
Hello guys, I'm trying to create an app in Python for live on Instagram, but suddenly stopped logging in. If you can help, thank you.
And in the log I see only the message "Oops, an error occurred."
In my code I make a post for "https://i.instagram.com/api/v1/accounts/login/" passing the parameters
"_csrftoken": token,
"adid": str (Constants.DEVICE),
"guid": str (Constants.DEVICE),
"phone_id": str (Constants.DEVICE),
"device_id": Constants.ANDROID_DEVICE,
"username": user,
"password": password,
"login_attempt_count": 0
İsmail Küçükkülahlı
Hello everyone,
How can I use this api in ionic (or angular) project. Please help me
Fred Buluku
Hello everyone,
Fred Buluku
thanks for this opportunity,the reason why I here is I want to express my feelings about the approach in the Instagram. Someone approached me in the Instagram with an issue that I was among the people who won the promotion in the Facebook 2015 so he was authorized by Facebook boss to look for me I suspect that was scam but now this guys keeps on sending me messages in the Instagram,how can I avoid this people ?
Alex K
Hello, I can't seem to get the example on the front page of the GitHub repository to run (on MacOS). 'npm install instagram-private-api' has run successfully and the package has been installed. I have copied the example into a TypeScript file and attempted to run it using 'ts-node app.ts', 'tsc app.ts' but I keep getting the error 'Cannot find module './index' or its corresponding type declarations.' Forgive me as I am not used to TypeScript, but I am getting very frustrated as I can't get anything from this module to run.
Alex K
I don't understand what I'm doing wrong, I can't get a single example to run.
Hello everyone, this api can be used in a project of reac native ?
Amit Palodkar
How to get another Instagram account password
Youssef Diouri
hello guys i have a question, how can we manage multiple account with this API ? do you have examples?
Hi guys, how did you explored Instagram API? (wire shark mb?)
I want to explore TikTok api with same technique
hello everyone :)
i am curious, has anyone explored the realtime features of the ios version of instagram?
i am looking to implement realtime into my own project, but i can't seem to track down the realtime stuff in the binary
any help would be greatly appreciated. just a push in the right direction would be great <3
Damian Grzanka
Hi guys is possilbe to enable 2fa from this lib ?

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Jameel Amir
Hi there
I'm using this piece of code:
It's the one mentioned in the README file
But it's constantly giving me this error:
UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: RequestError: Error: tunneling socket could not be established, cause=connect ETIMEDOUT
I'm pretty sure my proxy works, I've tried it on multiple ones that work, it still gives me the same error
Has anyone experienced this before? And how do you think I can fix this? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks a lot!
Kirtan Parmar


For scrapper kind of requirements i must suggest this

@jameelo25 same code does work for me. This is probably Proxy related issue. As Instagram quickly block free proxy. let me know if you want high quality residential proxy
Jameel Amir
I tried it with another proxy that I assume worked, but it said I needed to wait a few minutes
Something related to rate limiting I assume
Kirtan Parmar
Almost all Data Center proxies are getting easily flagged by instagram specially for POST request. I would suggest to use Residential proxy to perform automation.
@progl do you found the solution? I need this too..
Cypherpunk Samurai
can anyone help me bypass ssl on instagram latest version?
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Md Rubel Islam
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