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Repo info
    Mike Vegeto
    Hey guys, Instainer seems like it's going to be a great service, but I'm confused - how does it work for a business?
    as in how does pricing work
    Mike Vegeto
    Taha Ozket
    Hi Mike (@ZECTBynmo)! It is awesome to hear your thoughts! We are planning to provide our service less than $4 per month per container. I also would like to ask how did you find Instainer and which part of the Instainer are you most excited for?
    Mike Vegeto
    I found the project on GitHub, and followed the trail here :)
    Creating and destroying docker containers rapidly is very important for a project I'm working on, so I'm very interested in your work
    $4 isn't much, but what if the containers only run for a few seconds, for instance?
    would users be billed on a CPU-hours basis?
    Taha Ozket
    Mike Vegeto
    Would there be any limits to the amount of churn allowed with contianers
    Also, would the IP addresses of the docker containers change as new ones are created?
    Taha Ozket
    We are planning to provide auto/static IP address assignment policy and reverse proxy configuration on our dashboard.
    Could you please provide more detail about your amount of churn question? What is your use-case?
    Mike Vegeto
    I'm building an event-oriented system that will run various containers in real time to process data
    I'm curious, how do you achieve such fast boot time?
    do you just have machines with all of the various docker images pre-loaded?
    like all of the common operating systems, etc
    Taha Ozket
    We don't pre-load docker images to all machines. Actually if we pre-load all of the various docker images to every machine we need petabytes of storage. We developed our own docker image sharing layer. When a user request a new container, we spin up a new VM and bind it to that layer. After that we start requested image on that VM. It happens in a few seconds.
    Taha Ozket
    Instainer is perfect match for your use-case. You will be able to spin up new containers in a few seconds when your system under high-load.
    Have you ever used Tutum or Heroku?
    can we commit the image that is run by instainer cli .
    Dennis Koot
    i started a container, but it was gone within the hour, even though i made it "permanent" which should have left it running for 48 hours...
    are there any other checks besides the 48 hours which could terminate a container ?
    Tadeusz Magura-Witkowski
    looks like Console does not work :(
    Erin Dachtler

    Has anyone had trouble starting less-commonly used images? I just tried to start cockroachdb/cockroach and it always says either

    {"status":"Repository docker.io/cockroachdb/cockroach already being pulled by another client. Waiting."}

    or it shows download progress bars that keep repeatedly downloading the same layers over and over again.

    Trying to try out instainer, but when I click login, I just get redirected to the same page without being logged in. First time I did it I approved the app and all
    Mengyang Li
    so Permanent Containers is no longer available?
    Matthew Brandon Davis
    Documentation needs to be updated .. the REST API URL for searching images is wrong. Here is an example of using the right URL: https://www.getpostman.com/view-collection/3eddb18f7be4e446c188?referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fapp.getpostman.com%2Frun-collection%2F3eddb18f7be4e446c188