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    [discord] <Ginger Weeb> also osu! works without an account
    [discord] <F-Perm> try installing maps without an account
    [discord] <F-Perm> on lazer
    [discord] <Ginger Weeb> works on lazer, with the actual map files
    [discord] <F-Perm> dont you require an account to download from the actual website tho
    [discord] <Ginger Weeb> which you can download from multiple sources
    [discord] <Ginger Weeb> there are websites which clone it
    [discord] <F-Perm> ah
    [discord] <F-Perm> ok then
    [discord] <F-Perm> still steam isnt that shitty
    [discord] <F-Perm> id rather have that than some other company
    [discord] <Kiss Shot> anybody know how the make transparency not disappear after shutdown?
    [discord] <F-Perm> i mean you might have gmail
    [discord] <F-Perm> which would be worse than steam
    [discord] <Ginger Weeb> its not that shitty, but its still propitiatory garbage
    [discord] <F-Perm> man most games are on steam
    [discord] <F-Perm> if it wasnt for steam, not as many people would already be in linux
    [discord] <Ginger Weeb> i've not had that issue sorry, maybe settings -> appearance -> enable compositing
    [discord] <F-Perm> steam makes gaming easy on linux
    [discord] <Ginger Weeb> tbh i've kinda just stopped playing games that dont work natively
    [discord] <F-Perm> good for you, thats why i stopped playing osu!
    [discord] <Kiss Shot> > i've not had that issue sorry, maybe settings -> appearance -> enable compositing
    @Ginger Weeb I have it active
    [discord] <F-Perm> osu!lazer sucks and i am not using it either
    [discord] <F-Perm> i just rather not play the game
    [discord] <F-Perm> until they release osu!standard non lazer for linux
    [discord] <F-Perm> if they ever do
    [discord] <F-Perm> anyways imma go to bed
    [discord] <Ginger Weeb> i find it fun, and haven't had issues with it
    [discord] <F-Perm> its 11:46
    [discord] <Kiss Shot> to make transparency appear i need to set it manually
    [discord] <Ginger Weeb> non-lazer will be deprecated soon
    [discord] <Ginger Weeb> um im not getting any sound in quaver...
    [discord] <Ginger Weeb> nvrmind got it
    [discord] <Ginger Weeb> wow im bad
    [discord] <Luffy> its everyone
    [discord] <Luffy> F
    [discord] <Luffy> oooof
    [discord] <Pebor> This or just one column
    [discord] <Qewer> this looks better than single column imo
    [telegram] <Telegram> Forwarded from unknown: What does the info in the right side of the top bar means?
    "B0%" and "A34%". I get the date and the hour, but have not understood what are the others there. Thanks for the info.
    Submitted April 19, 2021 at 12:23PM by CuzImLonelyWannaDie
    via reddit https://ift.tt/3txojbg
    [discord] <Qewer> actually
    [discord] <Qewer> icons would be better there
    [discord] <Qewer> and easier to understand
    [discord] <Pebor> I do believe it will be changed when it's rewriten
    [discord] <F-Perm> I think it should be a setting