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    [discord] <Arijit> Can i install another wm on instantos. Hopefully it wont give problems. I want to checkout xmonad
    [discord] <Arijit> Anyone have any experience with using a different wm in instantos??
    [discord] <paperbenni> Using other window managers works just like on arch
    [discord] <paperbenni> works completely fine
    [discord] <paperbenni> The custom features like instantassist and some settings from the control center currently only have integration with instantWM
    [discord] <paperbenni> so your experience will pretty much be vanilla arch
    [discord] <Clarko> Hi comrades. My home key is completely useless in the terminal, and the end key just points to the ~ caracter, as well as the del key. I know that I can manually map those in zsh, but is it a signal of another deeper bug? I reinstalled instantshell folowing the announcement, but might have fucked up or something?
    [discord] <Arijit> I feel i will mess it up. Will try later when i know more
    This message was deleted
    [discord] <Stuff> Thank you
    [discord] <Saphira Kai> Same with my shell, but I'm actually still using zinit because i installed it from clones of the project when it went down
    [discord] <Clarko> I got the problem before the zinit betrayal, it might be a remnant or maybe just coincidence(?)
    [discord] <Mutahar> ok Stuff
    [discord] <Oofbrooof> @paperbenni is it possible that system76-power breaks my installation ?
    [discord] <Oofbrooof> when i try to switch to nvidia
    [discord] <Oofbrooof> on a hybrid laptop
    [discord] <Oofbrooof> is it safe for me to try using prime?
    [discord] <Oofbrooof> or bumblebee and the like
    [discord] <paperbenni> I have no idea, I don't have a hybrid laptop to test with
    [discord] <paperbenni> And I also don't know how exactly system76-power works
    [discord] <Oofbrooof> okay, and um, im able to see my nvidia card settings, nvtop, nvidia-smi but it doesnt get used?
    [telegram] <paperbenni> Why do you get the impression that it's not being used?
    [discord] <Oofbrooof> i tried to run gputest benchmark and it only used the cpu
    [discord] <paperbenni> That looks quite ancient... You could try something more modern like blender cycles
    [discord] <Oofbrooof> yeah but id need to install blender
    [discord] <paperbenni> It's just 100mb
    [discord] <paperbenni> Oh, that reminds me
    [discord] <paperbenni> Blender does have a standalone benchmark
    [discord] <Oofbrooof> does chrome have hardware acc tho?
    [discord] <Oofbrooof> okay lemme look for it
    [matrix] <Vitali64 (vitali64.gitlab.io)> instantos
    [discord] <paperbenni> https://opendata.blender.org/
    [discord] <paperbenni> Not be default
    [discord] <paperbenni> And I'm not sure how well it works, it's currently a flag I think
    [discord] <Oofbrooof> but id use the gpu if i turn it on?
    [discord] <paperbenni> probably
    [discord] <paperbenni> why would you want to though?
    [discord] <paperbenni> are you watching 5k videos?
    [discord] <Oofbrooof> no just thought itd be a way to test if my gpu was working or not
    [discord] <Oofbrooof> id open like 5 4k videos and see what happens ig
    [discord] <paperbenni> that's not a good method to see if your gpu is working
    [discord] <paperbenni> if your cpu is capable then it'll still work
    [discord] <paperbenni> and gputest looks reeeeally fishy, I wouldn't even put that on my machine
    [discord] <paperbenni> it's still loading, not rendering yet
    [discord] <Oofbrooof> like is it supposed to like use up a bunch or ram and cpu while it says loading scene?
    [discord] <paperbenni> yes
    [discord] <paperbenni> it's a benchmark
    [discord] <paperbenni> were you able to choose between your cpu and gpu in the launcher?
    [discord] <Oofbrooof> yes