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    Vladislav Zavialov
    I am glad to announce that Ether 0.4 is released.
    Alex R
    Just FYI, I ran into a draft paper which has example code using the following monad stack (in Racket, not Haskell):
    (ReaderT (FailT (NondetT (StateT+ (ReaderT (StateT+ ID))))))
    And thought how awful that would be using mtl or transformers.
    Is there a comparison between ether and monad-classes anywhere?
    Vladislav Zavialov
    I'm not aware of such a comparison, but off the top of my head:
    1. monad-classes use type families to dispatch, ether uses overlapping instances (they offer more extensibility, you can define your own handlers).
    2. monad-classes dispatches based on the effect type, ether uses separate tags (which is strictly more general, you can recover monad-classes behavior in ether by using implicit tagging).