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May 2016
István Gansperger
May 02 2016 08:51
@fpawel what do you mean by previous position? you'd like to sync a View<_>'s value with the vertical scrollbar?
@dgeorgievski Piglets are for WebSharper.Html. We have a reimplementation for UI:Next which is called WebSharper.Forms (currently available as a prerelease). You can obviously roll your own form composition and validation but I'd use Forms for doing these sorts of things.
Dimitar Georgievski
May 02 2016 14:39
@qwe2 i already figured that out and have a suggestion for updating the documentation
the introduction link leads you to Piglets
the examples with Log-in have Piglets in the description
but they are actrully using WebSharper.Forms
it would really help if the documentation is brought upto date
and lastly one question about using Forms
I would like at Forms.Run to call the backent (RPC) call
to perform autjentication
and if successful would like to redirect to the main page
i succeeded using someting like this
[<Inline "window.location=$url">]
let Redirect (url: string) = ()
in the cient side
and then
|> Form.Run (fun _ ->
Redirect "/"
the question is
is there any better mode idiomatic way to perform this in WebSharper?
Loïc Denuzière
May 02 2016 14:50
the window object is available as JS.Window
so you can do JS.Window.Location.Replace "/"
Dimitar Georgievski
May 02 2016 15:04
thanks, I’ll try that
and while at it
i’ve been reading that the RPC calls are not performant
any alternaitve you guys would recommend fir Client/Server apps?
like maybe using Ajax ?
Loïc Denuzière
May 02 2016 15:12
RPC calls are just Ajax with some automatic JSON de/serialization
where did you read that they're not performant?
Dimitar Georgievski
May 02 2016 15:14
i found some discussion on the Web, don’t have the links at hand at the moment
but it is good hear that those fears were unfounded