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Jan 2016
Michael Check
Jan 21 2016 05:37
Getting a missing coffee script error when running qs theme watch

` (2.2.2)(changes-201601) $ qs theme watch --target=staging --sync
throw err;

Error: Cannot find module 'coffee-script'`

Installed qs from npm running node 5
Michael Check
Jan 21 2016 05:47
Just found a conversation from Oct 12 where @hughker and others had same issue. Will manually install...
Winston Hughes
Jan 21 2016 15:36
@mcheck were you able to get it working?
Bryan Morris
Jan 21 2016 17:13
@mcheck ditto....working now?
The coffee-script dependency will go away with 2.0
Rick Davies
Jan 21 2016 17:40
mmmm coffee