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Feb 2015
Kareem Hepburn
Feb 27 2015 03:37
I can't seem to include the Hashi::Extensions::DeepLocate
I get a NameError: unitialized constant, any ideas?
Michael Herold
Feb 27 2015 04:47
@magicalbanana Just out of curiosity, are you typing it wrong? In your message, you have "Hashi", when it should be "Hashie"
Daniel Doubrovkine (dB.) @dblockdotorg
Feb 27 2015 14:03
DeepLocate was added on HEAD, hasn't been released yet
Kareem Hepburn
Feb 27 2015 15:07
@dblock Yeah, I just saw that now.
Kareem Hepburn
Feb 27 2015 17:49

When I tried calling this DeepLocate I get a stack level error. Any clues as to why? My class is as follows: