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Repo info
    Justin Honold
    howdy :)
    Justin Honold
    this may be of interest...
    "Account creation and linking is currently a multi-step manual process. Using the CreateLinkedAccount API enables customers to create new accounts programmatically and associate them with a paying account. This API is used when there is a need to create new linked accounts frequently or in large numbers. The CreateLinkedAccount API is offered at no additional charge."
    as it turns out, aws does have an api for account creation. support doesn't know about it. account reps will talk if you're sufficiently large.
    yup, we are aware, i think the API's are in Beta... from what i have seen it wont necessarily fill all the gaps we have. Thanks for bringing it up.
    Justin Honold
    that's apparently under NDA too, so i'm glad you're already aware :P
    Justin Honold
    is set_challenge_questions baked?
    i'm yielding aws_account_utils/lib/aws_account_utils.rb:162:in challenge_questions': uninitialized constant AwsAccountUtils::AwsAccountUtils::ChallengeQuestions (NameError) from aws_account_utils/lib/aws_account_utils.rb:131:inset_challenge_questions'
    Shankar sinha
    is aws_account_utils dependent on selenium webdriver ?
    Any sample file to get started for ruby newbie?
    I am looking to use aws_account_utils to register my users on AWS.
    but getting error : cannot load such file -- aws_account_utils