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Dec 2015
Dec 09 2015 10:43
mm nope
11:41:37.326 [main] DEBUG - req:{"Key":"853FC50F-E8C8-4177-B62E-3FE2C1239A83"} 
 sign:df0c73162a0f7ed1385d16ac90aac48f1605c6c8679ea72d33b67c29bf44e27f3cfea2b26cc95ae6a404f340ebfe2e91b3a641ce07b6c49b519b896b58c5639c [c.n.n.A.TestALP:142]
11:41:37.327 [main] DEBUG - url =, postData = {"unit":"btc","sign":"df0c73162a0f7ed1385d16ac90aac48f1605c6c8679ea72d33b67c29bf44e27f3cfea2b26cc95ae6a404f340ebfe2e91b3a641ce07b6c49b519b896b58c5639c","exchange":"bter","user":"853FC50F-E8C8-4177-B62E-3FE2C1239A83","req":{"Key":"853FC50F-E8C8-4177-B62E-3FE2C1239A83"}}, argsString = unit=btc&sign=df0c73162a0f7ed1385d16ac90aac48f1605c6c8679ea72d33b67c29bf44e27f3cfea2b26cc95ae6a404f340ebfe2e91b3a641ce07b6c49b519b896b58c5639c&exchange=bter&user=853FC50F-E8C8-4177-B62E-3FE2C1239A83&req={"Key":"853FC50F-E8C8-4177-B62E-3FE2C1239A83"}, isGet = false [c.n.n.A.ALPService:319]
11:41:38.120 [main] ERROR - Error from alpService.submitOpenOrdersRequest: ApiError [-1 : 500 error] [c.n.n.A.TestALP:148]
Do you want me to provide instructions to test it yourself and tinker with it client-side?
just found a chrome extension that can come in handy for us
Dec 09 2015 10:45
It's a good extension that one. Best rest client I've found for chrome.
Dec 09 2015 10:46
My guy feel is that there's something wrong with the liquidity method itself rather than the bter wrapper. I'll have a dig into the logs. That ks for trying it out
Nice hmac one. (guy feel = gut feel )