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Repo info
    Hi, by any chance, have you build this plugin for Aurelia Framework..!
    George Galantsev
    I found bug in ur plugin. When i insert youtube iframe video in page - page stop scrolling when cursor on iframe area. I can't fix it by myself. Please - write to me if u fix it - ggalantsev@gmail.com .
    hello I have a question about niceScroll library
    Is there anyone that can help?
    Daniel Méndez
    Hello friends, hope are you doing great!
    I ended up here after search a lot a solution or a suggestion to my issue, hope here somebody with more exp can give another approach to get a solution
    I love the plugin @inuyaksa made, It solved a lot of problem we had with other tools!
    But I have some issues with a boostrap dropdown. When I scroll mi notification list (it is an <ul> elemnt activated with a link in a navbar) it work like a charm, but If I mouseup outside the nicescroll-rails div an event is triggered that close mi notification list...
    Daniel Méndez
    I have tried to stop the propagation with click and mouseup event on mi <ul> element. That work when I click inside the list preventing from closing it
    But I also need to stop the event the close the list when the mouseup is done, the problem is that I can't find where is this event triggered neither to which element is attached, so any of this tips would help
    I will try to made an example to show you the problem, thanks in advance for your help, have a nice day!
    Daniel Méndez
    Another important matter, this problem only occurs in Chrome and Edge explorers. Firefox works perfect