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Apr 2016
Johnny Mariéthoz
Apr 12 2016 14:00
Does anyone has already used hierarchical facets in Invenio3?
Dmitri Pisarev
Apr 12 2016 14:09
Hey guys, I'm still trying to get Invenio 2.0 demo site to work, this time I have this problem: when I try to deposit new article, it seems to work fine and shows me the article preview (e.g. http://domain/deposit/article/10), but when I try to view the submitted article (e.g. http://domain/record/143) I get 404: Page Not Found The page you were looking for doesn't exist..
Do you know where I should start looking for the problem?
ps: I use official Docker containers to get it running.
Johnny Mariéthoz
Apr 12 2016 15:22
@lnielsen do you use this kind of approach with invenio-collections?
Lars Holm Nielsen
Apr 12 2016 15:24
We just use bare bones ES aggregations + filtering
For each agg you also need either a filter or post filter:
Tibor Šimko
Apr 12 2016 15:34
@dimaip Is the article well in the DB? Have you run bibsched processes that may be pending in the queue? (e.g. bibupload). Also, note that webcoll must run so that the record becomes visible on the site (it updates collection cache).