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Apr 2016
Tibor Šimko
Apr 18 2016 03:17
@dimaip The account admin has no password by default. So you can do webcoll -u admin. Or you can use your own account...
Javier Martin Montull
Apr 18 2016 08:27
Morning, is there some signal fired on database table creation ( ? (maybe by sqlalchemy)
Would like to add a receiver that will load some fixture data into the db
at the bottom
Javier Martin Montull
Apr 18 2016 08:36
Thank you @jirikuncar I remember seeing it in the past
Ioannis Tsanaktsidis
Apr 18 2016 10:55
Hey everyone , is there a way to get multiple records from the API by passing a list of ids ?
Ioannis Tsanaktsidis
Apr 18 2016 11:20
@jirikuncar I am trying to fetch the records through an ajax call from js. Is there a way to do it from there ? for 1 record is ok as I am doing $http.get(url, params). Do you know if there is away to do it with multiples from js?
Javier Martin Montull
Apr 18 2016 11:27
I guess in your url you need to change from /records/123
to /records
so that the invenio-records-rest list endpoint is used?
(/api/literature for the INSPIRE use case)
Lars Holm Nielsen
Apr 18 2016 12:24


Invenio-Search, Invenio-Records-REST, Invenio-OAIServer, Invenio-Records-UI will be in an unstable state for the next day or two so please stay at your current commit if you don’t want troubles ;-) We will let you know once the weather is sunny again.
Jiri Kuncar
Apr 18 2016 12:50
@ioannistsanaktsidis /api/records?q=control_number:"1" OR control_number:"2" OR control_number:"3"?
Dmitri Pisarev
Apr 18 2016 13:19
@tiborsimko thank you, it worked!
Ioannis Tsanaktsidis
Apr 18 2016 13:53
@jirikuncar thnx! will give it a try!
Ioannis Tsanaktsidis
Apr 18 2016 15:27
@jirikuncar that fixed my problem! thnx ;)