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Jul 2017
Shem Pasamba
Jul 10 2017 02:30
@tiborsimko @ludmilamarian Thanks for the replies. Is there a list of things to do for the circulation and acquisition modules that a developer can pickup and do? I want to help so our organization may be able to use those modules more quickly. How do I go about it? PRs perhaps?
Tibor Šimko
Jul 10 2017 07:21
@azazel75 For developers, there are Python API, REST API, and CLI options. For end users, if you mean some UI to add and modify records, there is Invenio-Deposit module that you could have a look at for inspiration , but it is not really ready for wider generic use yet...
@garytho If you are familiar with the Flask ecosystem already, then you can go directly to checking out Invenio, which is basically an "application building" package system on top of Flask, mostly for digital repository use cases, but not only. (Many modules are indepent and could be used in any Flask application.) You can for example try to take our five Invenio tutorials at