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Aug 2017
Kai Woerner
Aug 01 2017 12:42
I know that B2Share can have seperate metadata models for different communities - do you know of any invenio implementations/overlays that provide seperate "portals" or entrypoints for communities in the same invenio-repository?
Nicolas Harraudeau
Aug 01 2017 14:10
@Herrner What you describe looks like multitenancy. Do you really want completely separate APIs or just a dedicated page for each community with only one web domain.
Invenio is not designed to handle multitenancy. But it is common to have some dedicated page per community. Example:
B2SHARE supports only different metadata models. The REST API endpoints are however the same for every community.
by endpoint I mean
Alex Ioannidis
Aug 01 2017 14:16
@Herrner might be considering something like,, etc
Kai Woerner
Aug 01 2017 14:59
The API-Endpoints being the same would not be a problem, but it would probably be useful to have a different look and feel for the different communities like it seems to be possible in Dataverse (but I haven't actually seen any implementation of that either). I'll have to look into the actual requirements (we are planning to set up a research data repository based on invenio (most likely zenodo) and have one existing repository that we have to migrate away from a MyCoRe-application). Maybe we will just create one more Invenio instance for the existing repository - this seems to be less work in the end. Any experiences with more than one Invenio installation sharing components (like Search, DB, Worker)?