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Sep 2017
Anton Kulaga
Sep 25 2017 03:36

I see that in the docs you say

WORK IN PROGRESS This documentation and Invenio v3 is still under development. We expect the first stable release of Invenio v3 and this documentation by end-June 2017

Probably you had some issues, what is the current estimation?

Rémi Ducceschi
Sep 25 2017 09:15

certainly a dummy question, but for Invenio-App-ILS, the documentation says that we need to install some extra npm packages manually:

$ npm update && npm install --silent -g node-sass@3.8.0 clean-css@3.4.19 uglify-js@2.7.3 requirejs@2.2.0

couldn't it be part of a bundle defined in Invenio-App-ILS so it can be installed with the rest of the npm packages? or maybe Invenio-App or even Invenio-Base if this is required upstream

Alex Ioannidis
Sep 25 2017 09:23
@remileduc These could be part of the devDependencies section of the generated package.json and through some changes in the way asset building works, a transparent operation, meaning that only npm would be the minimum requirement in the user's environment (@ntarocco I think you mentioned something like that while installing App-ILS for the first time)
Sep 25 2017 09:26
Yep, we can test that..
I am not sure it will work, they have to be installed globally with the -g
Alex Ioannidis
Sep 25 2017 09:30
So if these asset building steps where somehow called through npm run <some-build-script>, then they would only be required in the node_modules directory... Alternative is to manually add <your-invenio-virtualenv>/var/instance/static/node_modules/.bin/ to the PATH before running invenio assets build
Rémi Ducceschi
Sep 25 2017 09:51
ok thanks for the help :)
Alex Ioannidis
Sep 25 2017 10:46
I created an issue about this on invenio-assets: inveniosoftware/invenio-assets#75
Ioannis Tsanaktsidis
Sep 25 2017 12:24
hey everyone, I have an issue when minting dois for some of my records. What I want is to have urls like /dataset/<doi> . Problem is that doi contains slashes e.g /api/datasets/10.7483/OPENDATA.OPERA.PTGR.MF1V and the url cannot be resolved. Any ideas ?
Krzysztof Nowak
Sep 25 2017 12:55
@ioannistsanaktsidis it looks like you'll have to change/redefine the route to /api/datasets/<path:doi>
what view is that exactly?
Ioannis Tsanaktsidis
Sep 25 2017 13:02
hmmm problem is that I define it as RECORDS_REST_ENDPOINT
    'pid_type': 'datid',
    'pid_minter': 'cernopendata_datasetid_minter',
    'pid_fetcher': 'cernopendata_datasetid_fetcher',
    'record_class': _Record,
    'default_media_type': 'application/json',
    'max_result_window': 10000,
    'item_route': '/datasets/<pid(datid):pid_value>',
    'list_route': '/datasets',
    'record_serializers': {
        'application/json': ('invenio_records_rest.serializers'
    'search_index': 'records-datasets-v1.0.0',
    'search_serializers': {
        'application/json': ('invenio_records_rest.serializers'
you mean sth like 'item_route': '/datasets/<path:pid_value>’, ?
Krzysztof Nowak
Sep 25 2017 13:09
@ioannistsanaktsidis Yes, but it also looks like you might be able to do it here:
sorry, actually try what you first suggested
see if that was it
Krzysztof Nowak
Sep 25 2017 13:19
@ioannistsanaktsidis Actually it looks like the correct path converter already exists, try to use 'pidpath(datid)' instead of 'pid(datid)':
Ioannis Tsanaktsidis
Sep 25 2017 13:20
thanks @krzysztof will try it out
will let you know if it workds
@krzysztof thank you very much
that solved my problem
Krzysztof Nowak
Sep 25 2017 13:25
Jose Benito Gonzalez Lopez
Sep 25 2017 14:03

DevForum today is cancelled…..sorry for the late notice.