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Can you please let me know if investpy package fetches real data of forex?
Trying to use a package for realtime market data fetching and don't know if this package is fine enough.
Thanks for your kind replies
Álvaro Bartolomé
Hi @_BitTitan__twitter , the retrieved data from Investing.com is the same as you can find on the website, which means that data is retrieved at the moment you send the request, which means that (on market days) the last value is the current value, unless market is already closed. Anyways, I am working on a real-time investpy utility which fetches real time data via streaming every 2 seconds so as to provide intraday information. I hope this answer solved your initial question!
Also, feel free to open as many Github issues as you need to since I will try to include all the proposed features and solve all the identified bugs/errors. Thank you!
Hi heplme I use spyder 4. with python 3.7 and I like to install packet ...investpy.....but not run

import pip

pip install investpy==0.9.14
pip install -r requirements.txt

import investpy

pip install investpy==0.9.14
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
Álvaro Bartolomé

Hi @fredy766, you can't just install the package like that, you just need to paste this line:

python -m pip install investpy==0.9.14

on your Terminal (while using the Python3.7 version), but if you want to install it from a Python script you can just:

import sys
!{sys.executable} -m pip install investpy==0.9.14

Just test that and tell me if it works!

Also, note that the displayed error is a SyntaxError, which means that the Python code is not correct, in your case is due to the fact that you are trying to import pip and use it inside a Python script, but pip can just be used from its entry point.
Álvaro Bartolomé
Hi guys, I just opened my Buy Me A Coffee site so that anyone can contribute buying the developer a coffee. Any help is appreciated so that I can continue working hard on investpy and other open source projects. Here is the link where you can contribute: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/alvarobartt
Álvaro Bartolomé
All the information is available at: https://github.com/alvarobartt/buy-me-a-coffee
I've had a fund added to investing.com in the last week or so but investpy still gives me an error saying it cannot find that specific fund through it's ISIN number. Does investpy need updating for it to pull new funds or does it need to be on investing.com for a period of time before it will pull it? Any help will be much appreciated
Thank You
how can i get data income/cash flow/balance with investpy ?
Mbishu Fabrice
i have been using investpy but it seems to be limited on daily basis