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hey guys I need help. I can't get fsi: start to work in Visual Studio Code
'#' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
Steve Poling
i am just starting & trying to set up vscode/ionide and work through some of the online tutorials. I keep getting "Project parsing failed" and when I look at my project status it says, Status: failed to load and Error: Project not restored. This isn't exactly pointing me toward anything actionable. In fact it seems like it's saying "it's broken" three times without saying why. I'll wager i've done something so obviously wrong that "why" goes without saying.
apologies if there's a faq covering this. please point me to it.

Hi there, I just found this in the "Requirements" section of the home page:

MsBuild 2015 (Windows only, optional) - [...] However, we highly recommend using new, SDK-based project files.

IIRC, project.json is on the way to the retirement. Is this still a thing?

Julien Roncaglia
project.json is dead :)
@carbon-twelve The new project system reverted to msbuild but the projects are a little different "SDK-based", the fsproj starts like this: <Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk"> and they are easier to handle for tools like ionide.
MSbuild 2015 (or later) is needed to build old style project but I would advise against they aren't well supported and won't be fixed because everyone is transitioning from it
@vbfox Oh, I see! I confused project.json with the new style of fsproj. Thanks a lot!
Heya people picking up F# again, using VSCode but indention doesn't work is this on purpose?
Leo Cavalcante

Hey folks, Ionide isn't recognizing CsvFile at FSharp.Data.
I have a paket.dependencies with:

source https://www.nuget.org/api/v2

nuget FSharp.Data

And a paket.references with:


Already ran paket install
I'm able to see a newly created packages folder with FSharp.Data folder and its contents.

But inside VSCode, my file:

open FSharp.Data

let main args =
  let data = CsvFile.Load("data.csv")

  printfn "%A" "hello world"

I get:
The value, namespace, type or module 'CsvFile' is not defined.

What I'm missing?


Leo Cavalcante
It was missing a .fsproj read more about it, it is how text editors, like VSCode+Ionide can know what is going on
Hello. Does anybody know why I get Intellisense summaries for my own modules https://ibb.co/iM4nCU but not for system ones https://ibb.co/hBdse9 ? I'm using VSCode + NetCore on Ubuntu. Do I need to install some additional package?
@zetashift what do you mean indentation doesn't work? I'm experiencing a bug where Backspace on a blank line removes one space instead of one indentation level (I'm not sure if that's a VSCode or Ionide bug) but other than that, things are working for me
@tobia it's a small thing if I define a type or function and press enter to type the body it doesn't auto-indent I have to press. I tried with emacs and that one does automatically place a tab on the next line. So I was wondering if it's just a default on Ionide or something.
Not really an issue just curious :P
Harold Salaila
Hello! Is there something in F# like scala worksheets / quokka available? Preferably usable in VS Code
@HSalaila closest thing I found, which works with VSCode is: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/fsharp/tutorials/fsharp-interactive/
Hey, I'm having a few issues with Iodine. When I write a simple program that makes any type of output such as "System.Console.WriteLine("Test")" nothing outputs at all.
Not even using "printfn" works.
Compiling works just fine, no errors just doesn't pring.
Dan Liebgold
Dan Liebgold
can someone suggest steps to diagnose “Cannot execute tooltip, File ‘<my-file>.fs' not parsed” … I don’t see the actual error
setting "FSharp.logLanguageServiceRequestsOutputWindowLevel": "DEBUG”, appears to offer the same information interspersed with the contents of the files… unless I’m missing something
Dan Liebgold
(also the contents of the file make searching for errors kind of a needle-in-the-haystack thing)
Ok, narrowed it to : [11:25:36 DEBUG] RES (013) <- {symboluse} in 14 ms: Kind={"error”}
what does this mean?
If there is a more active forum for discussion let me know and I’ll stop spamming this place :sweat_smile:
Hello everyone! I get the error "connect ECONNREFUSED" when I try run the script. ALT+ENTER gives another error "Failed to spawn FSI, please ensure it's in PATH"
Fergus Meiklejohn

Using the latest Fable Minimal template.
Does anyone know what this Ionide message means:

Consider using the .Net Core language services by setting `FSharp.fsacRuntime` to `netcore`

Where do I set FSharp.fsacRuntime?


Hi everyone, I'm uiet new on Ionid-f# and I'm getting the following error message every time I try to run the FSI
Failed to spawn FSI, please ensure it's in PATH
I'm using: - Ubuntu 16.04 - Visual Studio Code 1.28.2 - Ionide-sharp 3.28.0
does anyone have an idea what would be the issue ?
I've been using F# on VS Code since few months but this is the first time I'm getting this
I tried to reinistall ionide and relaunch VS code, but issue persits
(+ (* 1 2 3 4) 5 6 7)
@fergusmeiklejohn it's in settings/ extensions/fsharp configuration
Fergus Meiklejohn
I have the same issue, as teddy, however I tried pointing to my FSI path C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Community\Common7\IDE\CommonExtensions\Microsoft\FSharp\fsi.exe\ but this doesnt work, any tips?
Onur Gumus
does debugging make use of launch.json ?
Prince Dzonga
Hello folks, I'm using .netcore on MacOS but and I've set Iodide to use .netcore but can't get the REPL to work
Bob McCrory
@s164158 I did the same, but without the final '\', and it worked (sort of). I can run FSI, but I still don't have Intellisense
Matthew Moloney
hi folks, it seems as if Ionide defaults to the 32bit FSI, I have example rojects that have 64bit native libraries and I'd like to enable end users to simply git clone, open in Ionide, then run script in FSI without having to first change their worspace settings to the full path of FSharpAnyCPU. Is there any way to do this currently?
Matthew Moloney
Lee Paludan
Hey guys, I still have this issue here ionide/ionide-vscode-fsharp#949 and have had it for a week or so now. Anyone know how to get around it?*
Tom Pittman

I am just starting out learning programming with F# via Gareth Hubball's Twitch videos. He's on a PC, I'm on a Mac, and when I installed VS Code and Ionide-fsharp, I got an error message about Mono. I figured out what that was and installed it, but now I still get the following message (and I can't figure out how to fix it): "Consider using the .Net Core language services by setting FSharp.fsacRuntime to netcore"

I've Googled and Binged and I'm still stuck, so any assistance would be appreciated. Cheers!

Tom Pittman
@Tlingit I fixed it! Thanks to @cowlike; your last comment to @fergusmeiklejohn was what gave me the missing bit of information I needed to figure out my problem. :-)
Theia Vogel
I just added the Ionide F# extension to VSCode and it's not recognizing a package I added with dotnet add package. The project builds fine, but Ionide is saying that the package FParsec (which is what I added) is not defined.
I'm very confused so was hoping someone who knew what they were doing could help :)