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Theia Vogel
I just added the Ionide F# extension to VSCode and it's not recognizing a package I added with dotnet add package. The project builds fine, but Ionide is saying that the package FParsec (which is what I added) is not defined.
I'm very confused so was hoping someone who knew what they were doing could help :)
some projects in my solution show "Status: parsed correctly" but the tree is empty in the ionide tab, other projects are all there, any idea what causes this?
(+ (* 1 2 3 4) 5 6 7)
@vgel I found that happening a lot with my vscode (seems like it gets better or worse with different updates) but I started cleaning the build output with the following hammer, which usually cures it: rm -r `find . -type d \( -name "obj" -o -name "bin" \)`
From the project root where the sln file sits, of course
it happens on both multitarget and singletarget projects, and both on projects with only f# refs as well as projects with f# and c# refs, so im ruling that out
Also, im using the sdk proj format on both the projects that load correctly and those that don't. The only clue is that it looks only the simple and small projects are loading
Nevermind, sorry, seems restoring the projects and waiting patiently is the answer
I see DU cases as just regular text, is there no syntax highlighting for them or is this configurable somewhere?
Sandeep Chandra
I am getting following error in Fable-Elmish project
Problem reading assembly 'c:\..\bin\Debug\netstandard2.0\DataLibrary.dll': Build was not evaluated, expected the results to be ready after 'Eval' (GetCheckResultsAndImplementationsForProject, data = ("FinalizeTypeCheck", [|Id 1007; Id 1008; Id 1009; Id 1010; Id 1011|], Id 1013,
 false, None)).
What does this mean?
I have reinstalled ionide and I still get the same error
Stefan Liebig
Just starting with F#. I tried to use VS-Code/ionide with the mono runtime for windows. Is this possible at all?
Zane D. Purvis
@sandeepc24 That path doesn't make sense to me. The C:\..\ part is indicating one directory above your C: drive which doesn't make any sense.
Sandeep Chandra
The issue was with me using netcore for ionide, after reverting to net this error is gone.
Ionide fsharp is working as intended, except I can't seem to get autocompletion, any of you guys know why?
I'm on Atom
Fergus Meiklejohn
@JNLanthanide on VSCode I usually have to build the project to get autocompletion
Hi , is anyone here running vscode + ionide in nix/nixos?
this is my shell.nix
getting : Failed to send text to FSI, Failed to spawn FSI, please ensure it's in PATH
Solved it by adding a settings file with FSI path :)
Hi I was able to start default SAFE app with a nix package manger building the enviorment : https://github.com/countoren/FSharpBase check out shell.nix. But somewhy vscode is not able to load the Server project throwing: [Extension Host] [IONIDE-FSAC] Cannot execute simplifiedNames, File '/Users/oren/Desktop/fsharpTest/src/Shared/Shared.fs' not parsed .
and [IONIDE-FSAC] Cannot execute recordStubGenerator, File '/Users/oren/Desktop/fsharpTest/src/Server/Server.fs' not parsed
ps the Client project works just fine
and everything runs from the terminal

Hi, what settings do you guys use for Ionide on WSL on windows?
Specifically, how do you tell Ionide to target dotnet tools on mono/Linux rather than VS2017? And how do you tell if it is?
So far, I use these related settings:

"terminal.integrated.shell.windows": "C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\wsl.exe",
"FSharp.fsacRuntime": "netcore",
"FSharp.monoPath": "/usr/bin/mono",

I'm getting squiggly lines/errors on the minimal fable project and files missing in the F# explorer, and wondering if there's a setting in File-Preferences-Settings-Extensions-FSharp configuration that might fix it.

Has anyone experienced problems with function signature only in script files (.fsx)?
I am with ionide-fsharp 3.30
the problems does not show up with .fs files
Hi - how do I configure the list of msbuild options shown in the 'F#: pick msbuild host' option selector? I have several dotnet sdk's installed and to specify the path to that version of the sdk. At the moment I can only see it pointing to ~/.dotnet. But I have the SDK installed in ~/code/dotnet/2.1.403.... How can I tell it I want to use the dotnet executable from ~/code/dotnet/2.1.403?
This page is a ghost town. You would think F# would have an active forum community going by it's actual quality as a language and it's huge backer, at least on a par with Reason/Julia /Nim. The Slack channel is as good as it gets...
Jon Roberts
Hi @bevo009 I use WSL a lot. But I usually use ionide under Windows. I’ll give it a try and let you know how it goes.
@bevo009 you might try ionide queries on #editor_support. I saw you posted a VS2017 question there. VS2017 questions are probably better fielded to an MSFT forum as they support it directly.
@bigjonroberts thanks for replying, I 'll keep checking in to see if you had any luck, I couldn't find any instructions for the actual targeting of wsl by ionide itself or even much on vs code besides setting the wsl as bash. The few tutorials I've found were pretty terse on how they setup ionide. Btw which MSFT forum do you recommend for VS2017?
Is there any way to set Ionide to only display the evaluated output, as per Visual Studio?
The F# Interactive window fills up pretty fast printing the sent code and ;; lines as well as the evaluation
Dan Liebgold
what’s the way to have ionide use my FAKE build script?
Dan Liebgold
oooh I’m using FAKE 5 … it’s not supported?
Is there a way to improve speed of Ionide 'intellisense' ? E.g. switch it to use multiple cores etc?
@Danl2620 I'm having the same problem! Stuck on "Build Started"
Leo Cavalcante
I'm not getting auto-completion on .fsx files :/ If I just open a .fsx it should complete? What would a minimal setup? Should I have a .fsproj? What should be it's contents?
Vern DeHaven
Hi all. I have a beginner question about getting Ionide-Paket 1.12.0 working with the Paket dotnet global tool 5.196.2 and VS Code 1.30.2 on Mac OSX 10.14. Though ~/.dotnet/tools is on the PATH and I can directly execute ~/.dotnet/tools/paket, Ionide-Paket does neither sees it nor any possible internal copy. I'm sure I'm missing something simple...
Rasheed Gudal
Hi guys quick question
In visual studio code how do I get to FSI
... basic question
Githin George
Highlight the code and alt + enter
Schalk Dormehl
Guys, I am BLOWN AWAY with Ionide, what a pleasant surprise!
Thank you so much for building it!
Schalk Dormehl
Hey folks,
I'm having trouble installing nuget packages in my Ionide project.
They install, but I can't seem to reference them from my .fs files.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.