These are chat archives for ipcortex/FAC-FMC

Jun 2016
Ben Gesoff
Jun 06 2016 09:54
Sorry for committing to master, I hoped it would say no 😁
Rob Pickering
Jun 06 2016 10:01
Just for introductions, Ben, Pete & I you know now. Jamie works at ipcortex and will also be hanging around the project from our side for any questions. In particular, he is our server setup specialist so when you get to the point you need a server then he will be able to help. He is also on holiday w/c 13th onwards though but I wanted to keep him in the loop anyway.
Jamie Knight
Jun 06 2016 10:37
Hello peoples! If you have a queries about servers do poke, and I'll see what I can do. :smile:
In case you don’t want to mess with tag searching SQL queries
(I am not affiliated with RethinkDB, I swear!)
Ben Gesoff
Jun 06 2016 11:12
After discussing with Pete, SQL would be preferable to my NoSQL alternative above, for flexibility in the future, so disregard this suggestion